Strick’s Bar-B-Q – Hattiesburg, MS

It was July 4th weekend, 1980, and the Strickland Family was, again, tied to the family business for another typical holiday rush. Their country store, “Stricks,” was a hot spot for gasoline, groceries, fresh produce, some of the best fried chicken in the south, a little smoked sausage from the nearby smokehouse, and a few fireworks during special holidays. Strick decided to bring the grill from home and cook a few ribs and chicken for the family while they worked so they could celebrate the holiday weekend also, and that’s when it all started.

Strick’s Bar-B-Q Website

After riding over 500 miles to get to Strick’s, we figured it would be good as we were hungry.  However, it was good because, well, it was damn GOOD!  So, not to offend any Texans where it is all about the beef, in the deep south, they are all about the pork!  We missed out on the whole pig Friday and may try to pop back by next Friday as we were told by over a dozen locals (we were the only non locals) that we will want to come back!  Will admit, although somewhat skeptical with the buffet, we are glad we did it!  Everything including the fried chicken that rivals Babes and dare we say it, Mr. D’s (Aurthur from The Old Country Store in Lorman, MS (Old Country Store) we do love Mr. D!, but we digress as this is about the BBQ and it is about Strick’s.  Our point is, ‘IF’ you get a little something other than BBQ, that too will be great!

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So, we mentioned the south being all about the pork, but they are also known for their boiled peanuts (Jimmy Carter put GA and peanuts on the map), so no respectable place would not have boiled peanuts!  The other great thing about the south and more to the point, Strick’s, is you are simply not going to find more pleasant friendly folks then inside Strick’s!  Both the staff and the customers were simply ‘family’!

There is a fair amount of parking and plenty of room inside as well as a reserved area if requested, so anything from a single biker to a large group will be easily accommodated.


Now then, as we said, the food was outstanding and the choice of sauces was their golden, their original and a special Strick’s ketchup.  The gold sauce we a sweet mustard and vinegar which was really good!  The original sauce was both sweet and sour and also very good!  We ate the ribs dry to really test them, the sausage too   and they were both great with or without the sauce!


One more thing, did we mention the German Chocolate cake?  Yeah, save room for that, you will not want to let that go by without a good taste test!!!  Overall, we really liked Strick’s, the food, the people and the establishment were all great!  Only thing as a biker we have to mention is, it is in Mississippi and you may want to make this a spring or fall ride.  It’s hot, it’s humid and well maybe not the best place to be in late July or August.

All around Rating:

bbq-clipart-3 smokingreat


Natchez Mississippi – Home to the Natchez Trace Parkway A National Scenic Byway, this historic scenic parkway links Natchez with Nashville, Tennessee.  Here is an extra bonus for anyone reading this…just off the Natchez Parkway in Nashville is an AMAZING place for BBQ, make sure to check out Love Less Cafe!

Vicksburg Mississippi – The Vicksburg National Civil War Park is just one stop in the area that is filled with history.  Make sure to check out Vicksburg.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans – A lot to see and do in these famous well known areas.  So, make sure to check out Baton Rouge and New Orleans for tons of fun!

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