The Shed – Mobile Alabama

Although Guy (Triple D) did an episode on the Mississippi location, we thought we would check out the Mobile Alabama location.  It is directly across from the University of South Alabama and if you ride down Old Shell road from the east, you will see some beautiful homes and old growth southern trees lining your way.  You will also pass a little gem that you will not want to miss (Brick Pit), but this is about the Shed, see Brick Pit for more info.

If you like sweet, sweet ribs, sweet sauce well sweet, you will love the Shed!  Great mac and cheese and very tender ribs that fall off the bone.  It was a neat place pretty good size, but parking was limited to level or decent bike spots, but they seem to have more parking around back so maybe everyone can find a place without too much effort.


Inside is you will find all kinds of stuff all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling and the staff is very nice and welcoming.  The portions and price are good and as is with most BBQ places, you can buy some T-shirts or Shed swag to take with you.  They also sell the rubs if you wish to get your smoker cranking for 16 plus hours to see if you can do better.  No offense to anyone, but you will be hard pressed to do better as all the food was really good!


We would go into this a bit more, but as it was featured on Triple D, it is getting more action these days.  That said, there are BBQ places about every ten feet in Mobile haha, so we are going to have to make many more trips to the south to find the best little known ones…like mentioned above.

Everything was good, parking could be better but over all it was Smokin Great!

The Shed Mobile

bbq-clipart-3 smokingreat

Final note, if you are in the Mobile Alabama area, you owe it to yourself to take a tour of the USS Alabama.

USS Alabama Battleship


And a great ride in the area is:

State Route 25 – Alabama

This a paved road in excellent shape with sharp turns and multiple grade changes. It is very heavily shaded in the valleys making it a cool and refreshing ride when the mercury rises in the Summer. It is a very popular road with bikers of all types. At the top of the mountain are loose gravel areas on either side of the road that riders can stop at offering panoramic views of Eastern Valley and Vandiver.

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